About Arnoud Huibers

Arnoud Huibers is a Licensed psychologist, psychotherapist and couples- and family therapist in The Netherlands. He was trained at the University of Utrecht and completed his post-graduate degree, at the Academic Medical Centre of Utrecht, the Netherlands.

With Insoo Kim Berg he co-founded Solutions Centre, an international training centre that aims to disseminate the Solution Focused Approach through training and consultation.

Arnoud is a member of the Dutch Association of Psychologists (NIP),  Psychotherapists  (LVVP), Couples and Family Therapists (NVRG), and Child- and Youth Therapists (VKJP). He is founding member of the Academy of Solution-Focused Approaches and Research in India (ASFAR) and of the Association of Solution-Focused Professionals in the Netherlands (VOPN)

He is currently a psychotherapist and trainer at Solution Centre in Soesterberg, the Netherlands and trainer of the Solution Focused Approach around the world.

Do you have any questions you want to ask Arnoud? Feel free to contact him!

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