Online Videos about the Solution-Focused Approach

The Concept of Resistance has Disappeared (6:42 minutes)

Insoo Kim Berg, co-founder of Solution Focused Brief Therapy, talks about the concept of resistance, a very common concept in the field of psychotherapy.  Since Steve de Shazer wrote an article called “Death of Resistance”, the concept cannot be found anymore in the dictionary of the Solution Focused practioner.

In this interview Insoo explains how viewing our client as resistant comes from expert-driven approaches and how the Solution-Focused Approach views ‘signs of resistance’ as an indication and as clients teaching us how to cooperate with them.

Learn how Insoo cooperates with clients by being open to their ideas and listening well. Insoo demonstrates the Solution-Focused posture like no-one else can!

Dr. Ben Furman explains Kids’ Skills (19:27 minutes)

The Solution-Focused method of Kids’ Skills is used around the world to help children, their parents, teachers, and mental health professionals, to overcome difficulties.  Books about Kids’ Skills have been translated in more than 20 languages.

Kids’ Skills is amazingly easy to learn and practice. In stead of talking about problems and in stead of saying ‘my child or my pupil has a problem’, parents and teachers might say ‘my child or my pupil is learning how to master a particular skill’.

Observe how the founding father of Kids’ Skills, dr. Ben furman, introduces and explains his famous Solution-Focused approach.

Classroom Solutions (23:42 minutes)

Insoo Kim Berg and Arnoud Huibers introduce the Solution-Focused dialogue to 10-year old children and their teachers of a school in The Netherlands. The classroom has a long history of problematic behaviors: restlessness, negativity, disturbing and irritating each other. Their teachers, both with many years of experience, have tried many strategies without success and have become desperate.

Observe how the Solution-Focused dialogues can be useful in turning the atmosphere and the interaction of the children with each other and their teachers, mainly by setting goals, scaling every day and using the childrens own ideas to find progress. After three months of hard work, children, teachers, school counselor and principal proudly talk about the achieved changes in their school.

Dr. Rob McNeilly – Solution-Focused Hypnosis – Dog Phobia Case (25:26 minutes)

In this demonstration Australian physician and world renowned teacher of Ericksonian hypnosis shows how he helps in a single session an 11-year old overcome her fear of dogs with the use of imagination.

Circle Technique (21:05 minutes)

The solution-oriented approach in therapy, coaching or guidance is fundamentally different from the problem-oriented approach. The solution-oriented care provider, coach or supervisor focuses on client’s change wishes instead of analyzing complaints and problem history. What does the client want differently? Where does the client want to work? He also focuses on qualities and successful skills of the client instead of shortcomings. The solution-oriented discussion helps the client to get a clear vision of his change wishes and then work towards it with the right knowledge, skills and attitude. This makes the solution-oriented approach a goal-oriented, pragmatic approach.